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54 alerts found using input module SnortFileInput, with sources: Earliest alert at 06:43:07 on 7/23/2005
Latest alert at 21:55:54 on 7/23/2005

PrioritySignature (click for sig info)# Alerts# Sources# DestsDetail link
N/A(snort_decoder) WARNING: Not IPv4 datagram!211Summary
N/A(spp_arpspoof) Attempted ARP cache overwrite attack3411Summary
3ICMP Destination Unreachable Communication Administratively Prohibited : [sid]111Summary
3ICMP Destination Unreachable Communication with Destination Host is Administratively Prohibited : [sid]111Summary
2DNS zone transfer UDP : [sid]221Summary
2WEB-MISC robots.txt access : [sid]1441Summary

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